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Internet Services - MPLS

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MPLS Offering

Originally created to improve the performance of large backbone networks, features such as Traffic Engineering and Quality of Service have all contributed to its increasingly widespread adoption.

How MPLS works:

Connected using standard IP routing equipment that requires little or no modification, MPLS eliminates the routing decision for all information across the core network from the Provider Edge (PE) router on one side to the PE router on the other. This is achieved by applying short fixed-length labels to each packet (effectively a shorthand address that represents the destination and other key aspects of the IP packet header) in much the same way that a postcode provides a shortened version of someone's full postal address. Once the initial PE router labels the IP packet, all subsequent routing decisions in the network are taken based upon the label and not the full header, thereby improving the speed of delivery.


Key benefits include:


  • Flexibility
  • Quality of Service
  • VPN
  • Performance
  • Monitoring Services
  • Management reports


Purple is able to manage the whole process from the design through to the implementation and management.

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