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Hosted Services - Voice

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Hosted PBX (VoIP) < 200 Users

Designed for the multi site business or larger single site business, the Communicator phone system offers businesses all the benefits of a large PBX system without the up front investment, or the need to house and maintain hardware, on site.

Communicator is a hosted IP telephony system that uses IP connectivity such as broadband to provide powerful features to reduce your total costs and improve the productivity and image of your business. It is based on Mitel technology, one of the worlds leading IP telephony manaufacturers.

FREE site to site calls whether home workers, distributed offices or international satellite offices. It improves your customer service and professional image, giving your staff access to voicemail, auto attendant and hunt groups – your customer's calls will never be lost.

  • The users personal settings and features are available from ANY phone in the company, including those working from home. Because all the settings are web based, everyone will actually use the features!
  • Saves manpower and costs in managing telephony – because its flexible and everyone can use the features your business will be more productive.
  • Its completely scaleable for new employees or shrinking businesses – only pay for what you need and its never in need of a hardware upgrade.
  • No major capital outlay on hardware or maintenance costs. You can fund it out of monthly overheads and improve your cashflow.
  • No need to change your phone numbers – simply port them across to the Gamma service.
  • Significant cost savings over traditional telephony systems.


How does it work?

The complete service is specified and installed by Gamma’s partners. This includes the IP phones, IP connectivity and any number changes or porting of existing numbers to the new system. All the “brains” of the service is hosted in the Gamma network freeing up space for you with no additional costs of maintenance, secure locations, or accidental damage to your phone system.

The service works over IP connectivity (typically broadband) which is dedicated to the voice service for quality purposes. The service does not touch the public internet – it is a business grade service designed for flexible, high quality communications.

Who is it aimed at?

COMMUNICATOR can be aimed at a variety of target audiences; by size it is ideal for companies with 3-50 employees in a Head office , or for customer’s with multiple sites that work together. Communicator is capable of running a 200+ employee system.

It also becomes highly regarded in vertical markets where image to end-user is important, i.e. travel companies, sales organisations or departmental groupings such as public service or support companies.

Purple uses Communicator so please call us to hear the quality of the call on 0845 450 1201